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Santa Monica ASA

Autobahn Soccer Academy Registration

Santa Monica ASA

Fridays from 5:30pm until 7:00pm


Lincoln Middle School

1501 California Ave

Santa Monica, CA 90403

5:30pm - 7:00pm



Registration Fees and Apparel Wear      

3 - 6 Years of age: $355
Includes registration, gear (Sweater, Jersey, Beanie, Shorts, Socks, Bag) and first month of training
- $80 monthly 


7 - 11 Years of age: $375
Includes registration, gear (Sweater, Jersey, Beanie, Shorts, Socks, Bag) and first month of training
- $120 monthly 

If you would like to purchase additional Autobahn Soccer gear please visit our SHOP-HERE or visit our physical retail partner Niky's Sport in Santa Monica 

If you would like to be a part of the academy, please download, fill out and bring form to the academy. Form is located under our forms section (ASA Reg Form).


Monthly fees are due the last Friday of the month prior.

Academy is a unique soccer development program designed to provide youngsters ages 2-11 with an opportunity to improve fundamental soccer skills in a fun and safe environment. Our program is unique in a number of ways, a few of those include:

Our staff – Each session is conducted by experienced, trained, and nationally licensed coaches.

Our curriculum – Our curriculum was created by licensed coaches, educators, developmental experts and, most importantly, coaches who have their own children in the program


We work on a month to month basis for families to make it easier for them to adopt to their schedules. Once the payment is made, you commit for that month and are RESPONSIBLE to come that month.Make up Days are not GIVEN for:

- Missed training days

- Weather (i.e. fields closed or field is not safe for training )

We do however allow the players that miss a session the option to participate with either our Santa  Monica or Culver City locations. Culver City training for Autobahn is on Wednesdays and Santa Monica is on Fridays


All we ask is that the Players respect the game of soccer and the “fair play” rules.

Respect the players, train hard and have fun!! All Players must wear their Autobahn Shirts to training and have soccer attire.


We ask that you let the coaches develop your child the way we know how. All our coaches have experience teaching and coaching kids and are able to handle various situations that may occur. We also ask to please not interrupt the training sessions by talking to you child, talking to the coach, instructing you child during a drill as it is a disruption to the other players on the field. We have a set training agenda and will identify what skill we are focusing on and when it is appropriate to make corrections. 

“We don’t make players, we provide an environment to help them show their potential.” -Raul Palomares

Most of the youngsters in our community begin their soccer careers in AYSO, starting at age 3. What we have seen is that despite the best intentions of volunteer coaches and parents, children often develop bad habits and improper techniques that hinder their development as they progress and mature. By the time these players reach the Club level at U9, they must first unlearn their bad habits before progressing to more advanced concepts.

The Youth Academy was created with the goal of teaching proper fundamentals and techniques to enthusiastic and athletic young soccer players before they ingrain bad habits. Our Licensed club coaches and their highly qualified coaching staff spend approximately ½ of each 1.30 -hour session on instruction and drills, leaving the second ½ for small-sided games in which the kids are encouraged to implement what they have been taught. Then finish off with a scrimmage. The players are then given “homework” to hone the skills taught each week to maximize their development.