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About Us

Autobahn Soccer Club Mission Statment

Autobahn SC strives on creating an environment that develops youth players in a progression system that gives each player an opportunity for growth. The staff we hire understand the qualities of player development and also get rewarded on their development and ability shown to developing a player/team as well as the player. In developing the players, discipline, imagination, creativity, and decision-making skills, on and off the field, (helps) to prepare players to the best of their ability for High School, College or Professional level of competition and in life. 

Club culture can create an environment conducive for success or failure, and an environment that retains players and staff or loses them. Creating positive culture can be as basic as defining (and limiting) the roles and responsibilities of different constituents -- parents, the President, coaches, etc. 

Positive culture is reflected in an environment where players and coaches internalize the work rate and commitment required for success, and feel loyalty to the organization. At the highest level, the club’s TD and DOC are responsible to create a culture that values and rewards player development instead of a culture that focuses solely on winning. 

Autobahn SC strives to create an environment that develops youth players through our progression system.  Our system gives each player an opportunity for growth and an opportunity to display their talents and potential.  We also strive to create a positive family atmosphere and a healthy competitive environment.  We do not compromise club values or our vision, which is development first. 

Through the development of our players, we hope to prepare them for high school, college, and beyond by having player movement within the club and placing them in a environment that will help them grow. Teaching them team work, discipline, imagination, creativity, and decision making skills that will help prepare them to become community leaders, on and off the field.

Our community mission is to provide the tools needed to guide and support our families.  Providing them with healthy lifestyle guidance, open communication and community service to achieve a positive environment that supports all of our diverse families and culture.



 Autobahn SC strives to be the best competitive club on the Westside through player development at the highest level.  Our player development will attract families and players to join Autobahn SC by providing them a facility they can call home.


Autobahn is also a non profit 501 organization. 

Autobahn Soccer Academy

Here at Autobahn Soccer Academy, we pride ourselves on playing as a team to produce imaginative, entertaining and skillful football. We take time to develop and nurture our younger players to ensure that they reach their full potential. By guiding players through our extensive training programs, we have produced many players that we are proud of.

Learn More about our Academy be clicking here.

For more information or if you have any questions please contact Raul via email or phone 310.904.8811